Monday, January 27, 2014

Hull # 229 - The Golden Handshake?

Since there were only about 180 C&C Landfalls 38s built, we wondered why our boat carries the hull #229.  We got part of the story from Harry, the original owner of Prime Interest

Did we ever tell you about her early history and her nickname the "golden handshake"?
When we contacted C&C sales about a Landfall 38, they had one in the showroom. By the time we found financing, that one was sold. None in stock and next production run not till springtime. Not good for us as we wanted to put her in charter in the Florida Keys to help pay the bills. The salesman thought he had seen one sitting in the yard in Niagara-on-the-Lake but C&C 's inventory showed 'none'. He drove down to check the yard and sure enough in the back was #229. Notice the odd number? This all happened shortly after a bunch of monied hotshots had bought out Cassion and Cuthbertson. New management brought layoffs etc. Senior staff were given a boat of choice at cost as part of the package. The production manager at some point saw the writing on the wall and added an additional Landfall 38 to the next batch. Over time work orders were added for oversize winches, subtracted after installation, same with spinnaker gear, teak ceilings in the bunks etc. Doesn't say much for control. However, no one wanted to get rid of the production manager.- until the salesman walked in to the office and said "what do you mean you don't have a Landfall 38 in inventory?" Our purchase price was revised 3 times until I put my foot down. A full audit was done and we negotiated the final price. This story is hearsay of course, but she was called "The Golden Handshake" by the lads on the shop floor while she was there.

When boats were being built as part of these packages, the hulls were numbered sequentially, regardless of the model.  That's how we got #229.